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Order totals extensions

You can manage the order total extensions used for orders under Extensions > Order Totals. These totals are extra fees that are added to the total sum of an order in the store's shopping cart. For more information on order totals, visit Orders. The order total extensions below are included with the StoreMantis package.

In the image above we can see that Coupon, Store Credit, Reward Points, Shipping, Sub-Total, Taxes, Total, and Gift Voucher extensions are enabled. These enabled order totals will be included in the checkout section. If you want to remove an extension, click "Uninstall".


Coupons can be added to the order totals page by selecting "Enabled" under "Status". The sorting order affects the order that the extension is put in.

Store credit

Store credit can be added to an order with this extension. The status and sorting order can be selected for checkout.

Handling fee

To include a handling fee with orders, fill in the following information:

Reward points

If you want an option to add reward points to order totals, enable under status and select a sorting order.


The shipping estimator will automatically estimate how much shipping will cost and add the fee to the order total.


Select the status and sort order of the sub-totals in checkout.


Select the status and sort order of the taxes in checkout.


Select the status and sort order of the total amount of the order in checkout.


Select the status and the sort order of the gift-voucher option in checkout.

Order totals in the shopping cart

The screenshot below displays a basic shopping cart with some specific extensions enabled. Coupon, Gift Voucher, Shipping, Sub-total, and Total are enabled (as seen below).


To receive support for Order Totals extensions, please visit the Order Totals section of the support forum.