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Managing customers

Shop owners should know who their customers are and how to manage their information. In the administration, customer information will need to be stored efficiently to remember any transactions made with their account. To access customer information, you can log into the administration panel of the StoreMantis store. The Customer management sections are located under Sales > Customers. There are three sections used to manage customer information: Customers, Customer Groups, and IP Blacklist.


When a customer creates an account or completes the checkout process, StoreMantis will store their information automatically in the administration to be accessed under Sales>Customers>Customers. A complete list of customers will be displayed on this page, along with the following information:

Searching for a customer

In the case of locating a specific customer, type in the necessary customer information in the spaces below. Clicking "Filter" will locate specific customers matching the information typed in. This saves you the time of sorting through pages of customers to find a specific person. See Filter for more information on the filter tool.

Manually adding a new customer

Customer accounts usually don't need to be created in the administration panel, since account information is stored automatically upon user creation in the store front. You might find yourself needing to manually input customer information into Customers. Clicking the "Insert" button on the Customer page will lead you to a form where customer information can be filled in.

General tab

The general tab asks for the customer's basic information: "First Name", "Last Name", "E-Mail", and "Telephone". A password must be submitted for the customer to access the site privately. Under "Confirm", retype the password. Enabling "Newsletter" will put this customer on the e-mail newsletter list. Later on, you can categorize this customer into a specific customer group. The customer will be categorized into "Default" if there isn't a defined customer group available. The status determines whether or not this customer will be allowed to access the store's login.

Adding an address

Obtaining the customer's address is important for shipping products to the customer. Clicking the Green '+' button will add the "Address 1" address form. You may add as many addresses as needed with the green button, or remove them with the red '-' button. The "First Name", "Last Name", "Address 1", "City", "Country", and "Region/State" are required fields in the address form.

When the above fields have been filled in, click "Save" to save the form to the administration. You don't need to worry about the customer's IP address for keeping track of transactions, unless you need to know your customer's regional location.

IP Addresses

An IP Address will reveal the location of customer's computer network. There are many website services available to shop owners, that will give the location for an IP address.

The IP address cannot be added or modified for a customer in StoreMantis. The IP address will be collected from the customer automatically by StoreMantis and added to their customer information.

Approving new customers

Customer accounts need to be approved before they can access their account in the store. In the Dashboard page, the amount of customers needing approval is tabulated in the Overview section. Go to Sales > Customers > Customers, and find any customers that list "No" under the Approved column. Check those customers, and click the "Approve" button in the right corner.