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You may create and designate coupons to specific products or product categories under Sales > Coupons. The Coupons page will display a list of all the coupons created in the administration.

General tab

Editing or inserting a coupon will lead the administrator to a form containing the following fields:

From the information in the General Tab above, we can see that this coupon gives the customer a $10 discount to the Acer Aspire product.

Coupon history

The Coupon History tab list all the uses of this coupon in the store. The following information about each use will be displayed:

Coupons in the store front

Adding and editing coupons in the administration affect the use of coupons in the Shopping Cart and Checkout in the store front.

Shopping cart

To enable the use of Coupons in the store front, the coupon extension must be enabled by you under the Order Totals extension. For the customer to use the "-10.00 Discount" coupon, they must first add the product to their cart from the product page, then enter the code in the Shopping Cart. They can select "Use Coupon Code", enter the coupon code in the space provided, then add "Apply Coupon".

Applying the coupon will subtract the coupon discount from the original total. A newly discounted total will be shown under the Coupon(code) total in the order totals section.


The customer will see the coupon discount once more in the Confirm Order step in Checkout: